About the Founder

Ingrid Cobb-Ellick

Ingrid is inspired by art, color, and patterns. Ingrid's parents were both creative individuals and they passed their love of creating beauty in the world onto her. Ingrid enjoys updating rooms of any kind and she truly enjoys updating spaces with a fresh look.

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About the Company

Pashionable Interiors is an eastern lowa Interior Design company that enhances and elevates your home or business with a modern twist and style that will inspire your creative side. Pashionable Interiors was founded by Ingrid Cobb-Ellick on May 9, 2019.

Pashionable Interiors is an Eastern Iowa Interior design company that provides realtors, homeowners or businesses with expert sourcing, staging and design expertise in a detailed room plan based on the needs of the client at a fraction of the cost.  Our innovative and creative ideas ensure that every project is unique yet personal.  We listen to our clients’ needs in order to fit their budget and design a memorable, lasting space.  Our interior design service is available to all, from those looking for a simple redesign of a room, all the way through to those looking for a complete house design. We will transform your home or business into an elegant and inviting relaxing atmosphere that your friends and family will love and admire for years to come!

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